Proposed 2019 Golf Course Renovations

Grounds Committee & Board of Directors Update:

2019 Golf Course Renovations

As we move into the offseason the Board of Directors and the Grounds Committee is excited to provide an update and exciting news on the proposed golf course renovations for the 2019 season.

The Board and the Grounds Committee have been working very hard over the past few months to address obvious areas of concern with our golf course. The FGC enlisted the consulting services of  nationally recognized turf care specialist David Smith.  His experienced and science based consultation has been invaluable in helping us understand how and why our golf course saw the struggles that it did in 2018.

After having spent a full day on site with our Superintendent Steve Hancox and members of both the Board of Directors and Grounds Committee, David provided a detailed and comprehensive assessment of the FGC landscape. Which included areas of concern, remediation steps and a proactive list of objectives that we can and should be implementing to help better the overall conditions and playability of our golf course.

Based on his findings, David has provided us with a plan for four of our greens to be rebuilt beginning in the spring of 2019. His recommendation was based on the individual evaluation of each green with the consideration of these main factors:  soil content, number of available hole/pin locations per green, accessibility points for entry and exit, exposure to sunlight, exposure to proper air flow and overall green size.

The project will see the reconstruction of the greens on holes 4, 5, 10 and 13 :