Book Tee Time

Didn’t get a tee time?

Fredericton Golf Club offers a very popular and flexible Walk on Tee time System. Book a tee time today!

On Monday – Friday every 2nd time is a walk on tee time.
On Saturday, Sunday and Holidays we offer 2 walk on tee times / hour up until 12:00 pm. After 12:00 pm, every 2nd tee time goes into effect.

How to book a tee time

  1. If you are a member at this course, you must identify yourself prior to making a tee-time selection. To do so, click “Log-in”.
  2. You will then be able to use the calendar to choose your booking.
  3. Select the date, the type of game, the course, the number of players and their respective member types
  4. You will then be able to select the desired tee-time from the drop-down list.
  5. If you are a member at the course, you can click on “Member Tee-Sheet” at the right of your name to access the online tee-sheet. It will open your dashboard from which you can open the tee-sheet.
  6. The tee-sheet allows you to see who booked at what time during the next weeks as well as reserve your own tee-times.
  7. Depending on your membership type you can reserve a number of days in advance (usually 5,7,10 or 14 days).
  8. You can include guests in your reservation by searching with their last name or choosing them from your “buddy list”.
  9. When you complete the reservation, you and your guests will receive a confirmation email.