As Canada’s national junior golf program, Future Links, driven by Acura, has delivered world-class programming to over 1.4 million juniors since its inception in 1996. Over that period, Future Links, driven by Acura has remained committed to leading the charge to provide new and insightful junior programming at affordable costs. Developed in conjunction with the PGA of Canada, Future Links offers a suite of programs: Learn to Play; Junior Skills Challenge; Mobile Clinics; and Girls Club. Future Links is at the core of Canada’s Long-Term Player Development framework, aimed at guiding Canadian golfers along a pathway to reach their full potential.

Future Links offers a full complement of programs for boys and girls ages 6-18, from first timers to those with a high degree of experience and playing ability.

For parents, part of the mandate of Future Links, driven by Acura is to offer best in class programming while ensuring them an accessible and cost-efficient junior golf program.  Future Links programs are a joint initiative of Golf Canada and the PGA of Canada and is supported by Golf NB, Sport Canada and the Coaches Association of Canada.

For the participants, as Canada’s leading junior golf development program, Future Links, driven by Acura guarantees kids a positive, fun-filled and exciting golf experience that can have them learn golf properly from the beginning. There is also an online forum where they can check the Skills Challenge scores against other participants across Canada.

For the instructors, as a joint program of the PGA of Canada and Golf Canada, Future Links, driven by Acura strives to provide all Junior Golf Instructors with a positive and meaningful teaching experience by providing them with “best in class” tools to structure a junior program around.

For Facilities, Future Links, driven by Acura strives to provide you with best in class, cost-effective methods to implement junior golf programming. All of which should be used by your facility as something that separates you from the rest.

Future Links, driven by Acura has gone through an extensive review and alignment of programming with golf’s Long-Term Player Development Guide (LTPD), which has been reviewed and approved by Sport Canada. Golf Canada and Golf NB are excited to provide this “leading edge” material to all participating golf courses and organizers, including online components.

Future Links, driven by Acura junior golf programs help young golfers develop technical skills, appropriate attitude and self-confidence to succeed on the course while teaching them positive life lessons to succeed off the course. Within each program, specific life skills have been selected based on their relevance to the age and stage of development of the participants. Throughout these programs, young boys and girls learn the following Life Skills:

Some Future Links, driven by Acura programs include: the Learn to Play program; the Junior Skills Challenge and Girls’ Club. Exciting online components such as scorecards, progress reports, event calendars and much more make these programs interactive, accessible and fun for golfers and their parents.


Learn to Play Program – This program is structured in such a manner that each of the 4 color stages can be delivered through a series of 6-10 lessons. An online progress report allows for easy tracking of participants progression throughout the levels.


Junior Skills Challenge – The program focuses on developing the key golf skills of putting, chipping, and driving. Participants can check their scores online at the National Leaderboard web site with the top scoring participants earning a chance to compete in the Junior Skills Challenge National Event on-site at the RBC Canadian Open.


Girls Club – Specifically designed for girls ages 7-18, this program encourages participants to develop essential golf skills, positive attitudes and self-esteem to ensure a lifelong love of the game.


Golf in Schools – Would you like to see golf introduced in a school in your area? The Golf in Schools program is available for elementary, middle and high schools. The Fredericton Golf Club adopted the Garden Creek School a few years ago.


Get Linked – A Golf Canada program which encourages Future Links Active Clubs to partner with a Golf In School Facility to bring a class to the golf course to try putting on real grass and hitting real golf balls while learning about the junior program at that club.


Become a Community Golf Coach

Community Golf Coach is a training program designed by the PGA of Canada in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada and Golf Canada to develop and educate individuals at the community sport level.

The PGA of Canada’s Community Golf Coach workshop is designed for the individual who works with children or youth to introduce the basic skills of golf to them. The workshop will help prepare Coaches to run Future Links, driven by Acura programs by focusing on the following:

What you can do with your training:

Community Golf Coach workshops are administered by your Provincial Golf Association and delivered by PGA of Canada Community Golf Coach Facilitators. For more information, please contact your Provincial Golf Association.