Green Renovation Project Report

Rod Whitman Design Green Renovation Report

The board of directors is excited to share with our members and guests the finalized Green Renovation Report created by Keith Cutten, Golf Course Architect & Author for Rod Whitman Golf Course Design Ltd. We have had the pleasure of hosting Keith, Kurtis, and Rod at the Fredericton Golf Club since May when they began our Green Renovation project. Since then it has been an exciting summer of watching the deconstruction and construction of the greens on holes #4,5,10 & 13.

The document attached below is a report developed by lead Architect Keith Cutten describing the former greens on each specific hole which also outlines the changes made to each of them during the rebuilding process.


Please CLICK HERE for the full Green Renovation Report

Hole #4

Hole #5

Hole #10

Hole #13